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It is our belief that all believers are called unto Christ and are to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. This is not an instantaneous event, but a discipleship process. Therefore, our Institute assists the local church in developing Christian education--from the new convert to the scholar. Our hope is that every student will integrate foundational, simple biblical truths with other equally-plain Scriptures to comprehend a deeper insight into the Word of God and, further, to increase ones knowledge of biblical truths and develop his application of scriptural truth.

It is imperative that a person grow in all areas of his or her life, even as Jesus did. He was balanced in the four major areas of life as seen in Luke 2:52: intellectual or mental, physical, social or relational, and spiritual.


The student must develop a total Christian world view:

  • By the study of Gods Word, but not by hearing only; he must actively apply what is learned in his social environment (i.e., love thy neighbor)
  • Value the Word of God and apply the Word and the Holy Spirit to actively change wrong habits and lifestyle into a positive Christian character


We are whole beings. In order to fulfill our life in Christ, we must be conscious of the temple God has given us. We must have

  • Proper rest
  • Adequate nutrition
  • Managed stress
  • Moderate exercise
  • Habits that are pleasing to the Lord, respectful of our temple, and an example to other believers.


We desire to assist the local church in shaping the students Christian attitudes, values, and interests and, further, to develop an appreciation for biblical truths, knowledge of the same, and practical insights which positively affect ones life.


The Lord has made us to worship Him in Spirit and in truth. We grow in the Spirit through

  • Word
  • Worship
  • Witness
  • Service

Our Institute desires to instill, motivate, and enlighten in the student a frame of mind and lif of worship (with its numerous characteristics) as portrayed by the various biblical personalities and acquaint the student with more effective ways of winning souls to Jesus and applying those means.

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