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In 1996, Ministry to Educate and Equip International (MTEE, formerly Ministry to Eastern Europe) in cooperation with Vision International University (VIU) established the Christian Institute in the city of Dnipropetrovsk with Bible schools located at ten churches in central, eastern and southern Ukraine. The Bible schools offer a four-year undergraduate degree in theology, successful completion of which results in a bachelors diploma conferred by VIU.

In 1998, the Christian Institute moved its headquarters to Vishgorod, in the Kiev region, and established a western region administration office in Rovno to oversee the growth of the Institute in that region.

In 2000, the Christian Institute was registered in Ukraine as a charitable organization with the official title of Ministry to Eastern Europe.

The year 2003 was a pivotal year for the Institute. The Institute was re-registered with the Ukrainian government as a religious organization, with the official title Institute for the Development of Christian Leadership, under the spiritual covering of the Union of Independent Charismatic Christian Churches of Ukraine (Full Gospel). During this year, IDCL also became a member of the Euro-Asian Accreditation Association (EAAA) and began a new graduate program in theology with classes taught in Kiev.

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