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The Institute does not recruit new schools or advertise in the media. Instead, the Institute operates under the principle of the Macedonian Call, which refers to the Apostle Paul’s vision of the man from Macedonia (Acts 16:9) who asked Paul to visit his land and help his people. We stand ready to assist any church in the former Soviet Union that desires to establish a strong local theological education program. The Bible colleges are more than academic institutions; they are training centers with spirit and power. Our focus is in the restoration and transformation of lives, cities, and nations by the power of God.


  • A Bible-based program with an emphasis on dynamic leadership
  • A learning environment integrated within the local church
  • Advanced standing to qualified individuals who have attained equivalent training through other theological institutions or through life experiences
  • Quality educational opportunities at a cost that is within reach of the average person
  • Training for teachers and children’s ministry leaders
  • Mentoring for pastors
  • Bible College degree programs for ministry students
  • Short-term ministerial program for missionary training


Our vision is “to prepare God's people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up” (Ephesians 4:12). We have been commissioned to effectively train, certify, and release men and women of God to reach our world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


The Institute’s goal is to disciple faithful men and women after the pattern of ministry. We desire each student to achieve excellence in the Lord. In line with our goals, the Institute is obtaining academic and institutional recognition. Our programs are rich in spiritual content, Biblical study, and ministry training. To summarize, we are developing pastors, evangelists, missionaries and teachers for the work unto which they have been called.


  • To promote commitment to the authority of the Word of God
  • To cultivate in our students consistency of obedience, prayer, Bible study, and church fellowship as necessary means of maintaining and growing in relationship with Christ
  • To train lay persons for leadership in the local church
  • To prepare the “called” student for full-time ministry
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