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Doctrinal Philosophy

This is not intended to be a comprehensive statement of faith, but rather a guide to the doctrinal boundaries within which the college functions. Those who share our spiritual identity will be generally familiar with the following terms and will be able to fill in what is lacking. However, if you desire clarification of any point, please do not hesitate to inquire. We will be pleased to give you details of our stance upon any doctrinal position.

The Institutes Vision

We continue to move forward and enlarge our ministry. We are not limited by Ukrainian borders anymore but have branches in Russia and Moldova. We plan to open branches in other countries of the former Soviet Union as well as in Western Europe.

Educational Philosophy

It is our belief that all believers are called unto Christ and are to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ. This is not an instantaneous event, but a discipleship process. Therefore, our Institute assists the local church in developing Christian education--from the new convert to the scholar.

Bible School Model

We stand ready to assist any church in the former Soviet Union that desires to establish a strong local theological education program. The Bible colleges are more than academic institutions; they are training centers with spirit and power. Our focus is in the restoration and transformation of lives, cities, and nations by the power of God.

Academic Programs

IDCL is devoted to quality Bible education. We desire to transform: 1) individuals, 2) churches, and 3) countries as a whole. There are two programs of study in the Institute today: Bachelor and Master of theology.

Regional Ministries

The Institute has adopted a regional approach to ministry as a way of managing the growth of the Bible schools and other ministries within the Institute. We currently have three regions in Ukraine, as well as a fourth region in Moldova.

Institute's History

In 1996, Ministry to Educate and Equip International (MTEE, formerly Ministry to Eastern Europe) in cooperation with Vision International University (VIU) established the Christian Institute in the city of Dnipropetrovsk with Bible schools located at ten churches in central, eastern and southern Ukraine.
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