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The Institutes Vision

We continue to move forward and enlarge our ministry. We are not limited by Ukrainian borders anymore but have branches in Russia and Moldova. We plan to open branches in other countries of the former Soviet Union as well as in Western Europe.

Ministry to Families and Children

Since 2000 the Institute has offered a training program for childrens ministry workers. This program was created with the help of Peggy Laney and MTEE. Leaders from over 20 churches from different regions of Ukraine have been involved in a long-term training program to improve their qualification significantly through topical seminars held by the Institute.

IDCL Conference. August, 2007

Here are some pictures from IDCLs most recent pastor and teacher conferences in August 2007. We were blessed to have John Daigle come from the States to be one of the speakers, along with Pastor Vladimir Ilchuk of Hosanna Church in Rovno, Ukraine and Pastor Peter Kovalenko of Kharkov Christian Church in Kharkov, Ukraine, and Dr. Paul Shotsberger, IDCL Director.

Printing Resources

Institute Resources.

Technical News: IDCL Website was transfered to contemporary Web platform named FreshKnowledge

IDCL Website was transferred to contemporary Web platform named FreshKnowledge. The design of Website was also changed. We hope the usage of our site become more comfortable.

An interdenominational evangelistic service took place in Nova Kahovka

The service was held 23 April in Nova Kahovka. An interdenominational evangelistic service took place involving pastors and clerics from Pentacostal, Charismatic and Catholic churches.

We apologize for technical troubles

25 - 27th on April, because of server configuration change correct navigation on the site was not possible. We apologize for temporary inconveniences.

IDCL Next Ten Years Conference

The IDCL leadership met together February 21-23 to discuss and develop the vision of the Institute for the next decade. The meeting was held at the hotel complex "Jeralo" just outside of Kiev, in Pusha-Voditsia.

Next Ten Years

The Institute for the Development of Christian Leadership is at a crossroads we have ten years of history behind us, and the future ahead of us. This is a time of transition, with many decisions that need to be made. The question before us is: what is the battle plan for the Institute for the next ten years? What is of value from the previous ten years that should be retained programs, relationships, ways of doing things and what has lost its effectiveness and should be thrown away? In addition, what new things should be added to the Institute to better equip the next generation of warriors?...

He came that we could return

What is a Christmas? For many people it is something, going on just after New Year, not such a significant event. As a rule, with it are bound some Christmas carols, strange night songs, fortune-telling on promised husband with candle before mirror, standing on frost near the door of the temple and traditional festive meal...

IDCL helps sponsor the "Brain Ring" competition

Not long ago IDCL helped to sponsor the "Brain Ring" competition between cities in the southern region of Ukraine. We received a letter of appreciation from team "hdosiya" and Pastor V.P. Osipov from Feodosiya

IDCL took part in EAAA conference in Moscow

The Euro-Asian Accreditation Association (EAAA) held their "Theological education - 7" conference in Moscow with the theme "The Role of theological education in life of church and society". EAAA represents one of 8 international agencies that certify the educational level of theological educational institutions worldwide.

Wisdom is with those that receive counsel...

This is the answer to one of the questions of the youth brain-ring tournament that was held at Christmas Church in New Kahovka (Kherson region). The activities in which the youth took part were never boring, resulting from the combination of games, teams and communication. Many young people from other cities came to compete. Among them were a combined team of Orthodox and Pentecostal churches of Kherson, which came with a big group of supporters, a team from Hallelujah Church in Skadovsk, and teams from the more distant cities of Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhe.

IDCL is pleased to announce upcoming conferences during the month of August.

IDCL is pleased to announce upcoming conferences for pastors, teachers and administrators during the month of August.

IDCL is pleased to announce a series of parenting conferences during the month of May

IDCL is pleased to announce a series of parenting conferences to be held in three locations in Ukraine during the month of May

Know more about Blez Pascal from the article "I know, Who I came to believe in!"

In Church history, as in the history of the science, there are people, who differ from all the others by both, their achievements, and influence upon their epoch, which remains the same through the ages. Among such personalities is the French physicist, mathematician, philosopher and simply Christian Blez Pascal. His life, having fitted in limits of the forty years of XVII age, was as a bright torchlight, which shone in spiritual darkness of that time.

Pavel Valenchuck shares his impressions about his missionary trip to Vladivostok

Pavel Valenchuck shares his impressions about his missionary trip to Vladivostok...

The Newsletter and Articles sections have been updated

The Newsletter and Articles sections have been changed so that you can use them more comfortably!

There was the prayer conference for pastors

The prayer conference for pastors of the NHHCU (PE) Association, which took place October 20-22, 2004 in Dnepropetrovsk, brought enormous blessing and support to its participants during this special time for the nation...

Read the article by Pavel Valenchuk "Unity and association"

One of the best known prayers of Jesus Christ is: that they all may be one. By now many theologians state that this prayer is the only one of all pronounced by Christ that remains ungranted. Herewith we can see that many believers today pray about international Christian unity, conferences are conducted that are devoted to the question of unity between Churches, and there is a lot of talk about global Church unity...
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